Certification from Another State

1. What is certification from another state?

Certification from another state is the process for an appraiser certified in another state to become certified in North Carolina without providing an experience log or taking an examination.

2. Is it the same as reciprocity?

Essentially, it is. North Carolina has an open door policy for appraisers who are certified appraisers in another state. That means that we will grant a North Carolina certification without requiring the applicant to take qualifying courses, show their log or take an examination to become certified here, as long as the other states' requirements for certification meet or exceed North Carolina requirements.

3. If I am a trainee, or a licensed appraiser in another state, can I get registered or licensed in North Carolina?

No, it is only available for certified appraisers.

4. How do I get a certification?

Download the application from the Board's website at http://www.ncappraisalboard.org/forms-html/forms.htm. Complete the application, obtain a license history from the state appraisal board where you are certified that is not older than 30 days, and get a certified check or money order for the application fee. If you are not a resident of North Carolina, you must also complete the form “Consent to Service of Process and Pleadings,” and the form “Affidavit of Residency,” (these two forms can also be downloaded from the Board's website at http://www.ncappraisalboard.org/forms-html/forms.htm.

In addition, you must either send a copy of your most recent criminal background check performed for the state appraisal board where you are certified or obtain a criminal background check from CastleBranch.com. The background check must be dated within 60 days of application. We do this to make sure that you have had a background check from your credentialing state, and to make sure the background check is as comprehensive as the one North Carolina appraisers must get. If your background check is not as comprehensive as the one we require, we cannot issue you a certification based on your existing credential (reciprocity), but can issue you a credential once you meet North Carolina's requirements.

Mail all these items to the Appraisal Board office for processing. Once processing is complete, you will be issued a North Carolina certification which will be mailed to you.

5. I have an out-of-state license or certification in North Carolina and live out of state. What do I do to renew and what continuing education requirements do I have to meet?

Each year your certification will expire on June 30, the last day of our fiscal year. Before June, you will be mailed a renewal notice prompting you to renew your status.

In even numbered years, you will need to send in your renewal slip and money. Before you can renew your license in even numbered years, you must have completed the latest edition of the 7 Hour USPAP Update by May 31st. If you take it through a Board approved sponsor (all are listed on the Board website) the course completion shall be reported to us by the sponsor. If you choose to take it with a non-Board approved sponsor, you may complete an affidavit form to report the course completion. For a copy of this form, please send your request to the Board at ncab@ncab.org.

In odd numbered years, you will send in your renewal slip and money, and also enclose a current letter of good standing from the state in which you hold a credential. This letter of good standing should not be older than 30 days from the date we receive your renewal. As long as you meet the educational requirements in your credentialing state, the NC Appraisal Board will renew your status in NC upon receipt of proper payment of the renewal fee.

6. I will be moving to NC. What type of continuing education requirements will I now have to meet?

Once you move to NC, you will have to comply with our continuing education requirements. NC has a two-year continuing education cycle that begins and ends on the odd years. The current cycle began June 1, 2017 and will go through May 31, 2019 and so forth. In order to renew in an even numbered year, you must have completed the 7-Hour National USPAP Update course for that even numbered year's edition of USPAP. You must complete the course by May 31 of that even numbered year. In order to renew in an odd numbered year, you must have completed the 7-Hour National USPAP Update course as stated above plus have an additional 21 hours of continuing education. You must complete the courses by May 31 of every odd numbered year. Note: please read our Board Rules and Laws (subchapter 57A section .0204) for complete details on continuing education.


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